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What a Week

I’ve been crazy busy and apologize for the dearth of posts – bad blogger.  I’ve just finished dealing with a pipe that burst in my office over the weekend… had to have the carpet replaced, lost all of the paperwork, and have just been all around stressed. I have hopes that next week will be […]

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Out of Sorts

I’ve come down with both a nasty cold and a nastier case of startitis.  I cast on a pair of socks (my own design) before realizing that the yarn was all wrong.  Frogged.  Then, I cast on a shawl.  I’ve been reading too many blogs about lace shawls lately, and it’s making me itch to […]

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Two in a Row

I’m terribly inconsistent… I go weeks without blogging, then post two days in a row.  I blame Spring.  There’s just entirely too much to do, even in a grey, rainy Spring such as the one we’ve had.  That’s probably why I wanted some serious colour for the Midsummer socks.  Imagine, then, my delight when I […]

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Better Late Than Never

These Beltane socks were nearly my downfall.  I must confess that they were actually finished a bit after May 1st, but really, who’s judging??  I started off with a gorgeous pattern and gorgeous yarn… they just weren’t meant to be gorgeous together.  After frogging a pair of sock toes that would have fit over Frankenstein’s […]

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One down, seven to go

I finished my Yule socks!  And what could be more fitting than to photograph them in the snow?  Though I will admit that this was the fastest shoot I’ve done, since it’s bloody cold out there today.  I’ve also been working on more holiday knitting/crocheting, which I of course can’t blog about just yet.  One […]

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Sorry for the dearth of posts – been working on holiday knitting and can’t blog about that in case the recipients see! I recently gave myself a challenge.  I’ve been following the Yarn Harlot’s tales of her self-imposed sock club, and I loved the idea.  However, I know myself too well to believe that I […]

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