I’ve discovered for myself why wool socks have been popular for centuries:  because they keep the feet of silly fool humans warm, even when said silly fool humans decide they simply MUST go take pictures of the snow.  Wearing a dress and work shoes.  At night.  Silly, right?  Particularly the combination of obnoxious striped socks and a rather subdued dress.  Yep, that’d be me.

I spent the evening at Mom & Dad’s helping with the annual pre-holiday cleaning, and found the roads a bit slickery when it came time to go home (which is luckily only about three miles away from M&D’s.  Dependent, moi?)  You know it’s bad when the ambulance and fire truck pass you doing only about thirty.   The Saturn and I only slid a few times, thanks to careful braking and a top speed of about twenty.  <sidebar> No, I do not have four-wheel drive, and those who do can’t stop any better than I can.  They win at accelerating, but we’re all in the same icy boat when it comes to halting tons of metal.  </sidebar>  I got home, noticed how lovely the snow looked on this rather tall weed I’ve been meaning to pull, and decided that it warranted a frosty photo shoot.  A quick photo shoot, given the whole dress-and-wool-socks thing, but just a few pics couldn’t hurt.

So, pictures of the snow (or as I’ve apparently been calling it lately, sneuw):

Weed in the Snow

Non-Flashy Weed in the Snow

Snowy Grass and Tree

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