Gift Knitting

You know, I really do love knitting gifts for people.  It gives all kinds of warm fuzzies, both literally for the recipient and more figuratively for me.  The only troublesome thing about knitting gifts?  (Other than deadlines… I really don’t do well with deadlines.  That saying about enjoying the noise they make whizzing by?  Yeah, that’s so very me.  But getting back to the bad thing about knitting gifts…)

The fact that I can’t blog about them without the recipients possibly finding out.  I don’t know if a certain individual reads this, so I can’t talk about the current project.  Suffice to say that I’m really kind of geeked about this project, and that the recipient will definitely not see this one coming!  Now if I can only get it done in time…

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  1. CKJ411 says:

    A.) Get a Twitter or Facebook plugin for comments :p

    B.) I imagine the recipient of the wonderful handmade project of which you do not speak shall be elated as they always are when the surprise hits their hand.

  2. deetyblue says:

    hope you got it done!

    (pssst… Eknitabler has found that the DIC november club yarn will be a starry yarn… some online place have it… I’m trolling hard for sparkly schiny pictures…)

    Like. I. Need. More. Yarn.