Another Little Victory

I finished my September yarn club shawl!  Just in time, too, since I believe the October delivery just went out Friday.  This is the Haven Shawlette in colourway McGlam, with a few extra pattern repeats thrown in since (if you saw the earlier post) I seemed to have a LOT more yarn than I needed.  The pattern suggested ten repeats of a particular segment would get me to the halfway point of about 57 grams… I did thirteen repeats and got a little nervous, so I decided to call that halfway despite still having 70 grams in my remaining ball o’yarn.  There’s nothing wrong with having a little left over, but there’s a whole lot of wrong involved if you run out before finishing the project.

I got plenty of knitting time in over the last few days, as I’ve felt rather like rubbish all weekend and have been snuggling on the sofa with my knitting and my microwaveable sheep (it’s a hot pack and a cuddly animal – what’s not to like?)  While the rubbishy part wasn’t overly enjoyable, I was definitely happy to finish the shawlette, especially with the weather cooling off.  I still need to block it to open up the little points on the edges, but it’s already quite pretty.

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  1. deetyblue says:

    it’s beautiful! I’m not going to use mine for that, though. I’m gonna do the Angee socks from Sock Innovation. I got my new shipment today…and I am doing the project, with the project yarn. First ever, woo!

    Kids & I are coming into town on Wednesday…you in town this weekend? /shifty manner