I got quite a lot accomplished yesterday, which gives me all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings.  I glittered a batch of foam gourds and spiders for Halloween/Samhain decorations, knitted several inches on my newest project (more on that in a moment), went into work for a short while, realized that the meeting I went in for was NEXT week, scrambled home in time for the Mabon ritual, and even had time to throw together a Harvest salad for the post-ritual potluck.  Damn, I’m good.  This salad is my favourite – mixed greens, fresh Bartlett pears, dried cherries, blue cheese, and walnuts.  Yum, yum, yum!

So, the knitting project:  I recently joined the Badass Women’s Yarn Club from Kitchen Sink Dyeworks.  I’ve been a big fan of this line since the 2009 Renegade Craft Fair, when I stumbled across a booth with the prettiest, softest yarn that I’d seen outside of my beloved Sheep’s Clothing.  I left the booth with about four skeins and proceeded to knit my first socks and a BSJ out of the squishy stuff.  (I’ve got a lot more KSD yarn in the stash… I’m hoarding it like a dragon hoards sparkles.  Which I also hoard, but I digress.)

This is KSD’s first yarn club, and membership dollars benefit a different charity each month.  I’m utterly loving the fact that I can buy yarn and feel good about it!  🙂  This month’s colourway is gorgeous and gets me out of my recent low-intensity rut, and I even like the mini-shawl pattern.  The temperature dropped yesterday, so I’m definitely up for knitting anything that keeps me just a little warmer.  I especially enjoy the transitions of the border, as it gracefully increases from the corner towards the center.  I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever actually used the recommended yarn for a project… this might be a first, as I’m actually going to knit the club pattern with the club yarn.  I’ve got a decent start on it, as I’ve been knitting in between applying glue and glitter to various items.  While sparkly spiders and gourds probably don’t have much to do with knitting, I threw ’em into the picture anyway.  It’s my blog, and I can juxtapose if I want to.

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