booties, booties, everywhere

Eight pairs later, The Great Bootie Knitting Binge is officially over.  That includes the five for my college friend, along with another three pairs knitted in the last few months for other cutie pies.  It’s probably a good thing that I’m finished, since I’m being hit with a severe case of yarn A.D.D.  I went up to the Renegade Craft Fair yesterday and bought GORGEOUS hand-spun, hand-dyed yarns from a few talented crafters.  We won’t talk about the budget… while I decided early on that gifts didn’t go against the budget, stuff I bought for myself did.  I bought a few gifts, but the yarn is mine-all-mine-all-mine!!!  After the fair, my sister and I had lunch at Crisp (you have GOT to try the Seoul Sassy sauce), followed by fantastic gelati at Paciugo (mmmm, sea salt caramel).  Add the quality time spent with my sister, and this was a Very Good Day.

Gratuitous bootie pictures (oh, that doesn’t quite sound good…):

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  1. deetyblue says:

    love the stripey ones!