oodles of boodles

I’m up to four pairs of booties for my friend (well, three and four-quarters, but it will be four by the end of the night).  I’m planning one more pair with green and yellow stripes, which will be the same style as the pale yellow pair below.  They are indeed yellow, barely.  They mostly look like buttercream icing.  Which reminds me that I keep naming my Ravelry knitting projects after food:  Pickle Toe Booties, Peanut Butter Booties, Green Bean Baby Surprise Jacket… upon further review, maybe it’s just the baby projects that I keep labeling with delicious names.  More gratuitous bootie pics:

And this pink pair found a perfect home as a christening gift for my beautiful niece (her shirt says “I’m as cute as my aunt”, even though I think she’s far cuter!)  I was trying to avoid flashing the camera in her sleeping face, and so managed to miss her face entirely in the pic.  Whoops.  🙁

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