Long Time, No Blog

What a year. I stopped blogging for a while due to the sheer volume of LIFE going on. I won’t go into the details, but trust me when I say it’s been pretty crazy.

So what’s happened since then? Despite some lulls in my crafting mojo, there’s been plenty of fibre-y joy. I spent plenty of time with my Lendrum, Jack. I know, cars and boats and other things with wheels are usually female, but Jack had other ideas. So, Jack and I made some more pretty string:

Can't recall the vendor, shame on me!

Knitty & Color

Tale & Tendril

I went to Rhinebeck for the first time, which prompted me to knit my very first adult sweater. I was walking through the parking lot (field) at the Dutchess Country Fairgrounds and heard someone say, ‘Excuse me, but that’s my sweater.’ I turned around to see none other than Amy Herzog, the designer of my beloved Vignette!

Oh, the fangirling that ensued… yeah, I made my sister take a picture with my phone.

The Sweater Meets Its Grandmum

I learned Fair Isle wasn’t so scary after all. Particularly when you combine it with another of my loves, craft beer. However, I also learned that one should not attempt to DRINK beer while KNITTING beer. One mitten turned out much larger than the other, and had to be frogged and reknit. Oops.

SpillyJane Mittens

And I decided to start another sweater… despite saying many times that I would NOT put on the crazy hat and try to knit another full sweater in six weeks, here I am again… wish me luck!

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