Hello, Sweetie

I finally gave in and started watching Doctor Who a year or two ago.

What took me so long?

Of course, in the way of geeks everywhere, my new-found affection for all things Whovian crept into other aspects of my life.  I found myself knitting TARDISes in varying shades of blue. I hunted down brass beads to use as coat buttons for a handsome Torchwood agent.  I put feathers on a fascinator.  In short, I blinked, and the Weeping Angels had me.

So far, I have Captain Jack Harkness, complete with vortex manipulator and decidedly sexy coat,

A mug cosy, which I titled ‘Tea And Relative Delight In Solution’ (improvised pattern),

A ‘Bigger on the Inside‘ shawl (to which I added a Dalek, just because I could),

And, the latest, a TARDIS-styled mini-tophat fascinator.

Problem?  What problem?

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