bootie call

A friend asked me to make several pairs of booties for an upcoming baby shower.  I set a new record for yarn store visits (in and out in under ten minutes, and I really DID only buy what I went in for!)  Nabbed five pretty shades, since the gender wasn’t yet known.  I started with a very pretty coraly-pink and finished that pair quickly, then received an email that night letting me know that “it’s a boy”.  Whoops, time to change colours.  The two finished pairs of booties went for a frolick in the back yard:

And took a break on the stump:

My knitting buddy is in town this weekend; we have a moratorium on yarn buying unless we’re shopping together (given that she lives in Ohio and I’m in Indiana, this doesn’t stop us as much as you might think).  But we’re both in the same city at the same time, which may mean that another yarn store trip is in order!

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  1. deetyblue says:

    Whoa! I am impressed with a 10 minute yarn store mission. I do not have the time skills to keep it that quick. I can leave without buying anything, but it’ll take me an hour to do it (almost fell for a lovely orange yarn today).

    ‘Cept I’m getting in next week–we’re coming in on the first & leaving Tuesday! I can go any day you want!

  2. admin says:

    I realized that yesterday when I talked to your Dad – we will DEFINITELY get a trip in!