I woke up yesterday and thought I had been transported to London overnight.

Gorgeous, yes?

While the weather here has been unseasonably warm (hitting 80 degrees in WINTER?!?), I’ve still been churning away on a few fibre-related projects.  I learned to spin on a drop spindle:

That’s a beautiful Turkish spindle from Jenkins Woodworking, and some unspecified roving from my LYS.  I’m now spinning my way through some squishy alpaca that I purchased at the Indiana State Fair.  It’s cotton candy colours, which I found appropriate for roving from a state fair.  Pre-drafting is my friend.

I also finished my Pleiades scarf.  The yarn is sadly discontinued – Kitchen Sink Dyeworks Silver Spoon, colourway Edgar.

I knew I was flirting with danger when I started this project… it calls for 450 yards of DIC Starry, but I was using a 410-yard skein of  Silver Spoon (did I mention it’s discontinued?  REALLY thumbing my nose at the knitting gods with this project).  I blithely cast on anyway, and knitted merrily through the leafy strip and crescent section.  I hit the ribbing for the border, and started to worry just a smidge.  I began compulsively weighing the remaining ball after every row, and calculated that I should just be able to squeak through the rows outlined in the pattern.  I knitted my last row, then started the cast-off, ignoring the rapidly shrinking ball rolling around in the bottom of my yarn bowl.  Halfway through the cast-off, I unrolled the dwindling ball and stretched the remaining yarn across the un-bound stitches.  I had four times that width, so I gave myself a mental pat on the back and kept on going.  After another quarter of the cast-off, I repeated the stretching process… uh-oh.  Now I only had double the width.  I was using up yarn far faster than my supply would allow.  Bollocks.

I sat on the sofa and cursed for a few minutes, then proceeded to unpick about 430 bound-off stitches, tink a row of 574 more stitches, and finally cast off those 574 stitches for once and for all.  I love it, and am wallowing in the fact that the next few days are forecast closer to seasonal norms for early Spring (around the 50s).    Now, I’m finishing up that sorely overdue baby blanket (remember the granny squares?)  I’m not allowed to cast on anything new until it’s done – smack my fingers if I get too close to the ball winder, will you?

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