Meet Algernon

You may recall my first Steampunk dragon, Oliver.  At that time, I mentioned Oliver’s friend was tuckered after his long flight.  As you can see, he basically crash-landed on my craft table.  Algernon somehow bears a striking resemblance to the fridge-eating mutt I had a few years ago.  Hopefully, he doesn’t have a similar fondness for dining on my appliances.

Algernon’s actually a bit too big for a pendant, but he’s fun regardless.  One wing is part of an old automobile clock, and the other wing is the impression of that clock part in clay to create a mirrored pair of wings.  He has proper Steampunk goggles and well-loved flying gloves (I have an opportunity to improve my hand-sculpting abilities, but these aren’t too dreadful).  The goggle construction came from the Steampunkery book I’ve referenced before.

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