I kept a tight rein on my crafty impulses over the holidays this year, restricting the number of gifts I would make.  I normally end up in a puddle of crazy on December 24th, scrambling to finish a hat, or fingerless mitts, or a scarf.  Many a project has been given in kit form, though I do my darnedest to finish those by the end of January!  This year, a non-yarny project lodged in the back of my mind, and wouldn’t budge.  I sternly told this impulse to buzz off, since work has been taking up the vast majority of my recent time, but this idea just wouldn’t give up.  I finally bowed to the designy urges, and bought the necessary supplies to craft some placemats for my grandparents.  They’re primarily wool-blend felt, trimmed with homespun and a few charming buttons.  Like the snowflake appliques that adorn these, no two are alike!  I’m pleased to report that they matched the kitchen perfectly, and that Grandma loves them.  Now to work on the matching napkin rings!

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