This yarn will not defeat me

When I first decided to take on the challenge of knitting socks, I bought some lovely purple Malabrigo Sock yarn.  I also bought an eight-inch circular needle in a size US 1.  Mistake number one.  I’d never knitted on anything that small before.  For non-knitters, this needle is just 2.25 mm in diameter – that’s freakin’ TINY.  I’ve seen toothpicks that are thicker.

Mistake number two?  The fact that said tiny needle was an eight-inch circular.  The theory behind this little sucker is that you can knit around the sock with just one needle.  Sounds great, huh?  It’s pure misery.  Instead of having the luxury of a needle that can be grasped with your whole hand, you get two itsy bitsy smidgens of needle with a bunch of cable between them.  Knitting with one’s fingertips is apparently the fastest way to a hand cramp on the face of the planet.  I decided no sock was worth this, yanked the stupid eight-inch needle out, and frogged the three inches of sock I’d painfully knitted my way through.  Gave the needle to someone else with a warning, and went on to happily knit some lovely socks on much bigger and longer needles.

So it’s now five months later, and I’ve been seduced by more Malabrigo.  It’s just so soft and pretty that I can’t resist.  I cast on a pair of socks that would do justice to the colours, worked about two inches, and then shoved it on the shelf in a fit of pique.  I wasn’t sure I liked anything about this sock.  It had a bobble cast-on, which I hated but did anyway.  The colours that looked so gorgeous in the skein were looking muddy.  It looked like it was going to be too big.  Just, ugh.

I finally pulled the poor neglected sock off the shelf yesterday, and suddenly remember how soft and pretty the yarn is, how gorgeous the colours really are in the sunlight, and how I’ve gotten over my fear of really tiny needles (they no longer seem so tiny).  I’m seduced once again.  So, here’s the sock:

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  1. deetyblue says:

    pattern? from the enchanted sock book?

  2. admin says:

    It’s a different book called Sock Club, pattern Rheims.