Catching Up

Did I mention that I knitted a shawl?

This is Taygete, knitted in the lovely MadTosh Merino Light, and blocked to within an inch of its yarny life on my yoga mat* with cheater blocking wires spooled off my stash of 8-gauge wire.  Knitters at Stitches Midwest kept petting me; the fact that this shawl drew any attention at all was impressive given that my friend, DeetyBlue, was wearing a GORGEOUS Rock Island right next to me.  (She got petted, too.  More than I did, but that’s absolutely appropriate given the labour of love that is a Rock Island of that size.  This sucker is HUGE.  And GORGEOUS.  Did I mention that her shawl is pretty?  Really.  I will knit this pattern someday, and I will knit it big like Deety’s.  But I will buy extra yarn first.)

*No, I don’t do yoga, but clearance yoga mats are cheaper than blocking boards.  Yoga remains on my to-do list.

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