Better Late Than Never

I just realized that I never got around to posting the promised pics of the flowers and decor from my cousin’s wedding in July.  I have to confess that I had my doubts when I first heard the colours… fuchsia, I like.  Orange, I’m on somewhat less civil terms with.  I bought every orange and fuchsia flower in Chicagoland, almost every variation on ribbon in these hues, and beads, tulle, candles, and scrapbook papers out the wazoo.  Why scrapbook papers?  The bride’s young daughter had advised everyone that SHE was getting married, and that SHE wanted pinwheels at HER wedding.  I’m game, so we created a vector graphic of the pinwheel pattern from this marvelous site.  My Dad volunteered the use of his RoboCutter, which is apparently a manly version of a Cricut.  Seventy pages later (cut one-by-one), we had the most beautiful pinwheels ever!!!  Those became the centerpieces, and the family decorating crew went to town with all of the flowers, ribbon, tulle, and everything else.  I have to admit that I stressed out more over the cake than anything else… my grandmother was baking, and Grandma Cake is truly awesome, but I had the responsibility of decorating it once she baked and frosted.  After freaking out endlessly about putting ‘unsanitary’ silk flowers on a cake, I did some research and found that you can usually just dunk ’em in a sink of warm water and a little dish soap, and give ’em a gentle scrub.  Crisis averted, cake gorgeous, bride and groom happy.  Yay!  Everything turned out beautifully, and it was so much FUN!

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