Mixing Up the Craftiness

I’ve been experimenting with something new… I’d always considered polymer clay to be plasticy crap that would never taint my studio, since I’ve used genuine gemstones and metals ever since I graduated from yarn and macaroni.  I’d read the bead magazines every month and skip through the poly clay projects.  They just never spoke to me… I was, shamefully, a snob in this particular area.

Imagine, then, my befuddlement when I realized that I desperately yearned to make a Steampunk dragon out of poly clay.  This burst of inspiration came after perusing Steampunkery, a marvelous craft book from artist Christi Friesen.  I LOVED IT.  Luckily, I had several old watches on hand since I’d been planning to create some non-clay Steampunk jewelry, so I ran right out to the box store o’crafts and nabbed several blocks of Premo.  Three hours later, I had Oliver, my new Steampunk friend.  I suppose friends don’t generally stab friends with poky gears before sticking them in an oven, but we have a special understanding.


Oliver’s dragony friend, who has yet to advise us of his name, will be putting in an appearance as soon as he recovers from his long flight from Victorian London.  He’s utterly knackered, and is currently sprawled on my kitchen counter.

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