Purls, Farls, and Florals

What a weekend.  In the span of a few short days, I’ve finished a pair of socks, started another pair, learned to make Irish soda bread, and created bouquets and boutonnieres for my cousin’s wedding next weekend.  Sock pics are forthcoming sometime in the next few days, assuming I get a day with enough sunshine and enough time to get snaps taken and edited.

If you’re reading this blog, you probably know what a purl is, and florals are pretty self-explanatory.   However, you might be wondering, what exactly is a farl?  It is a small wedge of bread, traditionally created when you cut a flat wheel shape into quarters.  I actually opted for eight wedges per wheel to allow for snack/party size portions, as we were celebrating my brother’s birthday with an Irish pub theme.  I can now happily say that Irish soda bread is incredibly easy to make (only four ingredients), although I now find myself in need of a cast-iron skillet of my own (since I used Mum’s this time). We trekked to Indianapolis, surprised my brother with the bar mirror from his favourite pub that closed a few years ago, enjoyed a few growlers from Sun King Brewery (yum), then back North to Mum’s today to work on wedding flowers.  Quick pause for dinner, few more boutonnieres, and now finally I’m home.

After such a busy weekend, it’s time for some indulgent TV watching…

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