Out of Sorts

I’ve come down with both a nasty cold and a nastier case of startitis.  I cast on a pair of socks (my own design) before realizing that the yarn was all wrong.  Frogged.  Then, I cast on a shawl.  I’ve been reading too many blogs about lace shawls lately, and it’s making me itch to grab tiny needles and bitty yarn and knit something that will take months.  The shawl I started is much simpler, but will hopefully take the edge off my lace-knitting craving.  I’m also yearning to start a slip-stitch sock, as I’ve seen some lovely examples recently.  I conveniently received a slip-stitch pattern in my latest yarn club kit, but perversely, I like the other pattern better for that yarn and am now hunting for different yarn to try the slip-stitch pattern on.

I’m making up for the late Beltane socks by finishing the Midsummer ones early.  The designer provided a perfectly lovely heel, which I shamefully didn’t use since I tend to be pretty rough on sock heels.  I swapped in a sturdy eye of partridge and am quite pleased with the results.  Here comes the colour!

Pattern is Merry Socksters, yarn is BMFA STR Lightweight in Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.

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