All the news that’s fit to print

Krystal Dragon is about to receive its first write-up, with a feature in the Valpo Chronicle this week. (Correction – not this week… maybe in the next one?) Color me excited! Is it undignified to be a little giddy? 🙂 I’ve been sketching up a storm, and have a few new designs up my sleeve. Keep checking in to see the new sparkles as they come off the pliers… with the holidays around the corner, I’m going to be obsessed with all things that glitter. It’s also my chance to act like a kid for a few weeks, and I’m gleefully doing things like trying to catch snowflakes on my tongue in a parking lot (without LOOKING like I’m trying to catch snowflakes in a parking lot…) Hm, snowflakes… that could be a fun design concept… off to find my sketchbook!

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