Happy Thoughts

I saw my first daffodils this weekend, along with a fat robin pulling worms out of the lawn.  An ice cream truck just drove by playing a happy little tune.  All the windows in the house are open, and the wind is blowing out Winter’s stuffiness.  Another birthday is looming, and we celebrated it along with my Dad’s this weekend (ours are a few days apart).  Right now, champagne frosting is going onto a batch of cupcakes (oh, do I love those… normal white cake with reduced champagne in the frosting).  All in all, I’m a contented camper.

A few of the girls went for a camera safari at the Dunes National Lakeshore this weekend.  Holga came out to play, and I snapped three rolls that are now bound for developing (which appears to take a few weeks, since the film from two weeks ago hasn’t come back yet).  In between rolls, I took a few snaps with the digital.  I love living near the Dunes, and I’ve realized that I probably wouldn’t be happy living somewhere without a large body of water nearby.  We almost got a bit more than we’d bargained for… while looking at the waves, we wandered onto a little sandbar.  We all got so caught up in taking pictures that we didn’t realize that the tide was coming in (it’s impressive, how quick that tide can be), and turned around to find that the lake had us surrounded.  I left with wet, sandy sneakers, but I had a great time.

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