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There is now a ‘captcha’ required for all comments.  Please forgive me the minor inconvenience; I love you all, but I’m sick of dealing with each individual spam comment.  Unlike Monty Python’s version, this spam is decidedly UNwonderful.

That said, I made some pretty fingerless mitts this week:

This is the Welted Fingerless Glove pattern, in the delightfully squishy Manos Silk Blend.  One pair took far less than one skein (I don’t have a scale handy to check how much was left over, but the pattern says you can get one additional mitt from one skein, so two skeins makes three pairs of mitts).

My peasanty hands appear to need more stitches to avoid stretching in unflattering ways, so these are not destined to be mine.  My grandmother’s birthday is in February, and her favourite colour is purple, so it seems to be a clear sign from the powers that be (aka the PTB):  “Give those mitts to Grandma, you silly Knitter!”

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