You know what blizzards are good for?  Knitting.  Know what else they’re good for?  Getting stuck at work.  Put ’em together, and you have knitting time in a place you wouldn’t ordinarily get knitting time.

When Snowmageddon struck Chicagoland, I had a plan.  I had packed my bag with PJs, clean clothes, and knitting.  I would stay in the hotel attached to my casino on Tuesday night, work Wednesday, and be back home to sleep in my own bed that night.

Yeah, right.

I got to work a little before 9am Tuesday, and just got home around 7pm Thursday night.  It was actually a good experience, though.  I saw firsthand how lovely our hotel rooms are (really quite nice), and got to revisit a job I held about five years ago when all three shifts of our slot dispatchers were snowed in.  I had a great time working with my old team, and got plenty of knitting in since the customers weren’t coming out in that weather (who could blame them?)

Here you go, a Monkey sock finished during a blizzard.  The pic is a little overblown for my taste, but I had to use the flash since hotel rooms aren’t great for ambient light.  My sister has decided that these are ‘her’ socks, so this could get a little messy…

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  1. kourtney says:

    they are a little big on you 🙂