It’s finally happened, I encountered that oh-so-rare bird known as ‘finishitis’.  All knitters know its close relative, ‘startitis’ (which the Yarn Harlot so recently faced), but most consider ‘finishitis’ to be mere myth.  I can say with great joy that this isn’t the case.  In the span of just a few short days (well, maybe two weeks), I’ve finished a little scarfy-thing, a pair of socks, and a charming hat that sneaked home from the yarn store with me.  Funny how that happens.  I’m also ALMOST DONE with the very long, lace scarf that I’m making for my mum.  I promised her when she picked out the yarn that she wouldn’t have to wait two years for the scarf (this may have happened when she asked me to knit a scarf for my sister.  Just maybe.)

It’s only been a little over a year, so we’re making progress.

Gratuitous knitting pics:

Imbolc Socks – second in my Wheel of the Year Sock Challenge.  Pattern is Snowdrop Socks, yarn is an odd-duck from Kitchen Sink Dyeworks.

Pattern is Outre, yarn is the recommended Berroco Borealis.

I’ll take snaps of the other scarf once it’s blocked… even this simple lace looks like ramen before blocking; not so lovely just yet.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Those socks rock. one of these days im going to have to try and convince you to make me a pair or two for reenacting. Since I’m a damn Yankee now, at least there wont be any moral problem with it 😉

  2. kourtney says:

    I will admit that though it does look like a do-rag, that hat is pretty cute.

    how many years ago did I ask for my hat? surely more than the two it took to get my scarf!