Ms. Fixit

I’ve been working on my Imbolc socks, which I cast on a few days ago on Yule – keeping to the schedule so far, which is to be expected since this is only the second pair of my self-imposed challenge.  These are my first pair of toe-up socks, and are a lovely KSD odd-duck of blue, purple, and grey.  A few inches in, I realized that I’d made an error about six rows back.  I realize that socks are pretty darn small, and I’ve been successful at ripping back and picking up in the past, but I really, REALLY just didn’t want to deal with it.  Instead, I went the adventurous route.  I threaded a skinny needle through the last good row…

Took a deep breath, then dropped the eleven stitches of the lace pattern…

Then very carefully picked everything back up, in pattern, and heaved a sigh of relief.  In the grand scheme of things, fixing a little sock mishap without resorting to the dreaded frog is pretty small potatoes.  However, in my own mind, I am a knitting Rock Star.

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