wrapped up

Nearly all of the gift knitting has been given to the appropriate recipients, so I can finally blog about it!  I made an effort to control the amount of gift knitting, since I fully recognize that I’m not always great about deadlines (like Douglas Adams, I like the wooshing sound they make as they fly by).  This year’s list included a pair of socks and just two hats, plus I had to squeeze in the Yule socks.  Quite attainable.  My sister-in-law is a bacon fiend, and it’s become something of a tradition for us to give her bacon-themed gifts.  Last year, she got a beer-and-bacon tasting, this year someone bought a bacon-of-the-month club membership, and I gave her Bacon Socks.  Couldn’t resist after finding bacony hand-painted yarn.  Instead of your typical sock worked in the round, this one is knitted flat from side to side, then grafted together from toe to cuff.  I wanted the bacon ‘strips’ to run vertically instead of horizontally, plus the crocheted edging curls just like cooked bacon.

Yarn is Flock Sock, pattern is Pixie from the marvelous Enchanted Sole book.

My adorable niece hasn’t grown into the R2-D2 hat I made earlier this year, so she will be receiving an Upside-Down Daisy Hat to keep her warm in the meantime.  I wasn’t sold on the petals, so I swapped those out for a basic leaf.  That made the flower look more like a daffodil, which is really one of my favourites anyway.  I haven’t given this one to her yet, but hope to get it delivered before the weekend’s out.

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