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I’m no Betty Crocker, but…

The last few days have been pretty busy, so this is a lovely moment to put my feet up, listen to the storm drenching Chicagoland, watch the lightning, knit a little, and sip something cool after a warm day. I’ve been spring cleaning, with the assistance of my marvelous sister (yep, I pay her). It’s […]

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Well, Crap.

Today, I learned what happens to knitters who spend two hours on socks when they know darn well they should be doing laundry.  Mistakes, that’s what.  I’ve been knitting for ten years, making socks for about a year, and the last four pairs or so have been knitted two-at-a-time.  I love two-at-a-time knitting since it […]

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Holga in the Snow

Holga in the Snow

A few months back, I rediscovered my old college Holga and immediately wanted to start snapping.  My dad was wonderful enough to stick some 120 format B&W film in my holiday stocking, and I took two rolls out into the snow to relearn how to use a plastic, light-leaky toy camera. Fast forward a few […]

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Two in a Row

I’m terribly inconsistent… I go weeks without blogging, then post two days in a row.  I blame Spring.  There’s just entirely too much to do, even in a grey, rainy Spring such as the one we’ve had.  That’s probably why I wanted some serious colour for the Midsummer socks.  Imagine, then, my delight when I […]

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Better Late Than Never

These Beltane socks were nearly my downfall.  I must confess that they were actually finished a bit after May 1st, but really, who’s judging??  I started off with a gorgeous pattern and gorgeous yarn… they just weren’t meant to be gorgeous together.  After frogging a pair of sock toes that would have fit over Frankenstein’s […]

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