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Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

There is now a ‘captcha’ required for all comments.  Please forgive me the minor inconvenience; I love you all, but I’m sick of dealing with each individual spam comment.  Unlike Monty Python’s version, this spam is decidedly UNwonderful. That said, I made some pretty fingerless mitts this week: This is the Welted Fingerless Glove pattern, […]

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Since my last update, I’ve knitted up the Ostara socks for my self-imposed Wheel of the Year Challenge.  I cast these on during the blizzard earlier in February, and that might have had an impact on my subject choice.  I was utterly sick of snow, so I nabbed some bright, cheerful sunrise shades of Unique […]

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You know what blizzards are good for?  Knitting.  Know what else they’re good for?  Getting stuck at work.  Put ’em together, and you have knitting time in a place you wouldn’t ordinarily get knitting time. When Snowmageddon struck Chicagoland, I had a plan.  I had packed my bag with PJs, clean clothes, and knitting.  I […]

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