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Surprise, Mom

My mum’s hands are always cold, so I’ve been secretly working on a pair of thrummed mittens to keep her warm.  I had a false start on these a while back, but gave it another go with some better roving.  I tried them on for comparison, and felt like I was wearing great, big marshmallows […]

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In Between

I’m between challenge socks right now and was going for a road trip over the weekend.  I needed some knitting to take with, because after all riding in the car is prime knitting time.  However, I couldn’t take the current project since it’s more gift knitting, so I was left with a bit of a […]

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It’s finally happened, I encountered that oh-so-rare bird known as ‘finishitis’.  All knitters know its close relative, ‘startitis’ (which the Yarn Harlot so recently faced), but most consider ‘finishitis’ to be mere myth.  I can say with great joy that this isn’t the case.  In the span of just a few short days (well, maybe […]

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