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This shawlette pattern is knit from side-to-side, so it calls for me to use up half the yarn while increasing to the widest point. When I have half the ball left (or 57 grams on the handy-dandy postage scale), I’m to start decreasing to the other point. All of this makes a great deal of […]

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I got quite a lot accomplished yesterday, which gives me all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings.  I glittered a batch of foam gourds and spiders for Halloween/Samhain decorations, knitted several inches on my newest project (more on that in a moment), went into work for a short while, realized that the meeting I went in […]

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booties, booties, everywhere

Eight pairs later, The Great Bootie Knitting Binge is officially over.  That includes the five for my college friend, along with another three pairs knitted in the last few months for other cutie pies.  It’s probably a good thing that I’m finished, since I’m being hit with a severe case of yarn A.D.D.  I went […]

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oodles of boodles

I’m up to four pairs of booties for my friend (well, three and four-quarters, but it will be four by the end of the night).  I’m planning one more pair with green and yellow stripes, which will be the same style as the pale yellow pair below.  They are indeed yellow, barely.  They mostly look […]

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