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Hello, Sweetie

I finally gave in and started watching Doctor Who a year or two ago. What took me so long? Of course, in the way of geeks everywhere, my new-found affection for all things Whovian crept into other aspects of my life.  I found myself knitting TARDISes in varying shades of blue. I hunted down brass […]

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After my last post, I ventured into the depths of the dungeon (aka my basement) to see what treasures (I can’t believe I just called acrylic a treasure) might be found to meet my blankie square needs. Imagine my delight to find a box containing a half-finished afghan in just the yarn I needed!  I […]

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Yarn Snob

A few years ago, I went through a spate of yarn snobbery. I unloaded all of my acrylic, and vowed to knit only natural fibres. This move has now backfired. See, I’m trying to knit mostly from the stash this year, as we’ve established that I may have a slight problem with buying ALL THE […]

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Whip Crack

See that?  It’s a finished blanket.  It only took a little discipline.  Too bad I have very little!  But here it is… now just have to get it to the baby!

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It’s taken me a while to be able to write this. Last month, my grandmother passed away unexpectedly. She was an incredible woman who lived life on exactly her terms.  She always referred to your posterior as your fanny, was active in her church, put me on her prayer list for being Pagan but loved […]

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Whoosh, the Second

Whoosh, the Second

It’s been almost a month since my last blog post.  Think that baby blanket’s done? Guess again. In other news, I bought a spiffy new camera.  This is one of the first pics!

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“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”  Douglas Adams If you read my last post, you know I had started a baby blanket, which was vexed by catastrophic gauge issues.  I scrapped that mess, since I didn’t want to stitch such angry vibes into a baby gift, and […]

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Gauge Issues

Gauge Issues

I should be showing you a snap of a lovely blanket in progress.  However, said blanket has developed catastrophic gauge issues, and has been retired. I’ve started a new blanket with granny squares.  Let’s hear it for the speedy crochet classic. In place of blankets, enjoy a snap of my second felted soap attempt.  Yes, […]

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